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Sarah Bohart Florida Ranch Sorting

Sarah Bohart

Sarah Bohart Florida Ranch Sorting

Sarah Bohart , with Florida Ranch Sorting has been riding horses since she could walk. Her grandpa would take her for Saturday morning riding lessons and always would grab a donut on the way .. "it was our thing". 

She met her cowboy half Joe McClendon in 2016 watching him sort at his moms arena. We were inseparable since & they taught me to sort!  

"My horses name is Gritty (special thing is that his registered name is Sarah’s Boon Cat ) & we purchased him on our anniversary , our story is that he was supposed to be my spouses horse .. but the name and the horse just chose me!! Lol .. we have a really special connection together and everyone can see it when we walk into the arena." 

"I love ranch sorting and appreciate the community over the competition .. that’s the most important thing to me is our sorting community!!!" 

Accomplishments with her and Gritty: 

2022 reserve Florida state champion 

2021 World Champion title & trophy saddle 

2021 novice rated rider champion trophy saddle for the series at our arena