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Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary tools you will need to successfully promote your SprayMaster sales and installations. Feel free to choose which toolkit items will work best for you/your organization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Marketing team at

Pyranha Logo

To ensure consistent branding, we require that you use only approved Pyranha logos to advertise your SprayMaster system sales and installations. You can download our approved logos here.

SprayMaster System Digital Assets

Photos of the SprayMaster system are available for your use on social media, print advertising, flyers, graphics, etc. Download SprayMaster system photos, videos, flyers, and other supporting materials here.

Social Media Recommendations

Social media can play a major role in your SprayMaster sales and installations. In order to best advertise the system to a broad audience, we have compiled examples of social media copy that you can simply copy and paste to your posts. We recommend tagging Pyranha in these posts on Facebook and/or Instagram to provide your audience with access to further information about our products. You may also link to Pyranha’s website in any post for product references and product label/ SDS sheet downloads.

  • Enjoy effortless, year-round insect control with the Pyranha SprayMaster system! (Business Name of This City) can install your SprayMaster system in an afternoon, and you’ll enjoy freedom from insects year round! The system’s automatic pump and timer is programmed to mist your backyard at specific intervals through special spray nozzles. The result is a proven, hassle-free solution to control harmful flying and biting insects in your backyard, barn, business, and more!
  • We are excited to announce that (Business Name of This City) is ready to install and service your SprayMaster system today! Whether you want a new system for your backyard, or need an existing system serviced, our team of Certified SprayMaster installers is ready to help you enjoy your time outside again!
  • Insects can cause health problems for your family, dogs, cats, horses, and other furry friends. Get control of your backyard and your loved ones’ health with the Pyranha SprayMaster system. Effectively kill and repel mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums, mites, and more with our safe, economical, and effective Pyranha SprayMaster misting system!
  • Take your home back! Control aggravating insects with Pyranha’s SprayMaster system. Let us install your system in an afternoon and the system takes care of the rest. The automatic pump and timer will mist your backyard, barn, or business with a safe, effective insecticide formulation that will keep your property insect-free year-round.
  • The Pyranha SprayMaster system is completely customizable for your needs! Install it in your barn, backyard, venue, restaurant, kennel, and more! The automatic timer and pump protects your friends and pets 24/7. Kill and repel mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks, spiders, cockroaches, and more!

Talking Points

As you promote and discuss the Pyranha SprayMaster system with customers, it pays dividends to be able to provide information and answer questions on the spot. Below are talking points for you to use as you begin to promote the Pyranha SprayMaster System.

  • Pyranha invented and pioneered the original spray system in 1972.
  • Developed and proven effective over 50 years, Pyranha’s SprayMaster system fills are a safe, proven method of pest control.
  • 1-10 HP is the ‘Cadillac’ of misting system fills, formulated with the highest quality Pyrethroids, and will never separate.
  • Pyranha’s system fills stay suspended in solution, meaning they will never clog nozzles or applicators like backpack sprayers.
  • The SprayMaster system kit comes with 8 nozzles and 160’ of tubing, however, is expandable up to 80 nozzles 
  • Pyranha system fills work in ANY non-thermal automatic misting system
  • Pyranha’s system fills (concentrates) are more effective than other brands because the active ingredients stay in solution and are formulated with permethrin and piperonyl butoxide (PBO)

Product FAQs

  1. Who invented the system?

    1. Carl Cunningham, Pyranha Incorporated’s founder created and patented the first automatic misting system in 1972 for the control of flies in horse barns and called it SprayMaster™. More than three decades later the basic SprayMaster™ design is still the model for all misting systems in the market.

  2. How does the SprayMaster™ system work?

    1. The SprayMaster™ System consists of a 1/2 horsepower electric motor-driven pump controlled by a solid state electronic timer that is programmed to turn the unit on at specific intervals, operate for a set period of time, and then turn off. A series of spray nozzles emits specially formulated insecticide to control flies, mosquitoes, gnats and other flying insects.

  3. What kind of insecticide is used in SprayMater™ systems?

    1. We recommend that SprayMaster™ and other misting systems be refilled with the highest quality pyrethrums and Permethrin (a synthetic form of pyrethrum) 1-10HP, 1-10HPS, Zero-Bite™, Bug Armor™ and Stock Guard™ are considered premium formulations that control a wider range of insects than competitive products. Bug Armor™ and Stock Guard™ even helps control spiders!

  4. Will Pyranha insecticide work in my non-Pyranha system?

    1. Yes, Pyranha concentrate is the original misting system concentrate designed exclusively for automatic misting systems and will make any well made automatic misting system more effective and will produce less clogging.

  5. Who can answer my questions about my system?

    1. Pyranha has technical personnel that are happy to assist, most questions are resolved easily by shooting us an email or giving us a call at 1.800.231.2966

  6. How to do I winterize my SprayMaster System?

  1. Disconnect the line at the elbow (next to pressure gauge) and open the bleed valve at the end.
  2. Using an air compressor, blow liquid from the line until dry.
  3. Lift the top and raise the intake filter out of the liquid; set timer switch to “ON” and run briefly to eliminate any liquid in the equipment.
  4. If you do not have a compressor, keep line disconnected at elbow to empty the lines of as much liquid as possible. Leave intake line and filter separated from liquid.
  5. If the insecticide liquid freezes during the winter, you will need to stir the contents before reusing.

(Reconnecting System After Winterizing)

  1. After stirring the contents of your barrel, replace the top of the system taking care not to crimp the intake line, return line or float line.
  2. Open bleed valve and run system long enough to remove the air in the lines.
  3. Check your timer to verify the time is correct and the settings are correct.   

7. What is Pyrethrin?

  1. Pyrethrin is an insecticide derived from a plant extract of the species of the genus Chrysanthemum (Daisy), native to southwestern Asia, Australia and Africa, whose aromatic flower heads, when powdered, constitute the active ingredient Pyrethrin. The main active ingredients in Pyrethrin is a mixture of four compounds: Pyrethrin I and II and Cinerin II and I.

8. Is Pyrethrum harmful?

  1. Pyrethrum has shown to have low level of toxicity to mammals. This family of insecticides is EPA registered for use in many household products and livestock treatment as well for treating unwanted pests in edible plants and fruits. Used properly and at the concentrations stated in the label instructions, Pyrethrum should not be harmful. Pyrethrum and Permethrin related products should always be used in accordance to the product label instructions. Also be sure to check out our Zero-Bite™ product which combines the goodness of natural products like geraniol, wintergreen, peppermint and coconut and contains zero chemical pesticides. ZERO!

9. Will pyrethrum harm my pets?

  1. No, If used properly as directed in the label Pyrethrum is considered to have a low toxicity to humans and pets (mammals). Pyrethrum insecticides have been used in agriculture and equine applications for over 40 years, with no known harmful effects.

Technical Support   

Pyranha’s team of SprayMaster experts is here to help! We provide technical support for installers and customers M-F, 8 am - 6 pm CST. Call (800) 231.2966 and ask for SprayMaster support.

Media Requests

For inquiries/ requests regarding promotional materials, photos/ videos, social media help, and other related topics, please contact Pyranha’s National Communications Strategist, Olana McDonald, at



Promotional Photos - Barn

A series of promotional photos featuring a basic barn wall and the Pyranha logo.

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Promotional Photos - People

A series of promotional photos featuring backgrounds with families and sunset.

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Promotional Photos - Stables

A series of promotional photos with horse stalls in the background.

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Residential Promotional Flyer

A promotional flyer for residential use of SprayMaster

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Suggested Barn Installation Layout

A graphic displaying the recommended installation layout for barns.

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50th Anniversary Pyranha Logo

50th Anniversary Pyranha Logo

Logo celebrating our 50th year of operations

Pyranha Logo

Pyranha Logo

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Pyranha SprayMaster Logo

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