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Our History

Pyranha is proud to celebrate 52 years of family owned and operated business. To celebrate our story, we have to celebrate yours, because if it weren't for our distributors, dealers, and horse men and women like you, this milestone wouldn't be possible.

In a film unlike any other in our industry, the Pyranha Life Documentary takes a deep-dive into the stories that brought us here...from the foundation of Pyranha by Carl and Lon Cunningham and the legacy carried out by David and Greg Cunningham, to the sacrifices and successes of equestrians nationwide.

This documentary encapsulates our mission: to protect the horse, and to acknowledge the grit, determination, passion, and perseverance it takes to do what you do. We thank you for support and for your help in reaching this milestone anniversary.


A family-owned company in operation for 52 years, Pyranha® is a pioneer in insect control, grooming products, and barn and residential misting systems. In 1972, Pyranha founders Carl and Lon Cunningham developed the SprayMaster®, the first barn misting system for insect control. Today, David and Greg Cunningham continue the family tradition providing horse owners and caretakers across the country with the industry’s leading spray system, along with the highest quality insecticide products available to help protect their animals. 

Pyranha offers an array of innovative insect control products, from pyrethrin-based formulas to natural, botanical blends. Pyrethrin is expressed from the Chrysanthemum plant. It has the strongest insect repelling qualities Mother Nature offers. The Chrysanthemum’s powerful, natural elements vary with each new harvest. These variations are vital for controlling resistance changes, due to immunity. 

Pyranha fly sprays contain emulsifiers that allow them to remain distributed within the solution, meaning Pyranha’s products don’t need to be shaken and won’t separate. Insect control products that separate can be less effective, particularly if not adequately shaken before use. Effectiveness is not an issue in Pyranha’s handheld ready-to-use products, and SprayMaster® system concentrates. Pyranha’s products deliver from the first spray to the last. 

The Pyranha team believes horsemen and women shouldn’t have to pay a premium for highly effective, top-tier quality horse products. 

In 2018, Adeptus® Animal Health became part of the Pyranha family, now known as Pyranha Animal Health. This supplement and nutrition line serves as an extension of Pyranha’s commitment to care. Founded 23 years ago, these supplements provide several internal health benefits, from digestion and gut function to joint and ligament strength, plus many more area specific aids.

Pyranha partners with various organizations to educate equestrians on the Pyranha Animal Health product line. As part of the Pyranha family we will continue our commitment to the animal, creating only the highest quality products. 

We thank you for growing with us for 52 years. May we continue to grow in the next half-century. We appreciate you believing in us, and for your loyalty to our products.

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