Hoof and Joint Support


Augment Hoof Group 600x600

Augment Hoof

Augment Hoof is an advanced product that contains synergistic nutrients to enhance hoof structures.



Digestive Aids

Allay Group 600x600


​Gastric ulcers are extremely prevalent in confined horses. Allay can help to reduce and buffer acidity in the gut, which can then prevent or help soothe ulcers.

Augment Group 600x600


Augment is an excellent choice to fill in the gaps in most diets, since most horses do not consume the recommended amounts of fortified grains.

Invigor Group 600x600


​Invigor is the original and the most potent prebiotic digestive aid on the market.

Electrolyte Replacement

Persevere Group 600x600


​Persevere is a very unique electrolyte replacement product on the market. The formula contains the key electrolytes lost in horse sweat in the correct ratio for electrolyte replacement.

Skin & Coat/Weight Gain

Gleam Gain Group 600x600

Gleam and Gain 60

Our advanced and concentrated version of Gleam & Gain contains 60% fat from healthy sources that provide high quality omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for allergies, natural anti-inflammatory action, and coat quality.


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