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Fly Control

Wipe N Spray

Wipe N' Spray

The award-winning Wipe N’ Spray kills and repels over 70 species of flying and biting insects through sweat, dirt, and water.

Equine Spray Updated 1

Equine Spray N' Wipe

A stable favorite among horse owners, Equine Spray N’ Wipe kills and repels flying and biting insects without attracting dirt and dust.

Zerobite Updated 1


Zero-Bite®’s fly fighting power is sourced from geraniol, peppermint, and clove. The natural oils are suspended in more than 90% water, so Zero-Bite® is neither oily nor greasy. | *Zero-Bite is a registered trademark brand of Pyranha, Inc.



Insecticide aerosol offers unbeatable fly-fighting power and a lustrous eye-catching show shine.

Flymask Wearspkg

Fly Masks

Pyranha Fly Masks offer 70% UV protection and are made with soft, durable, breathable fabric.


Fly Sheets

Made from a soft polyester mesh that blocks damaging UV rays, the Pyranha Fly Sheet helps prevent your horse’s coat from sun bleaching, flies, dirt, and sand.



Water-based with added micronized silicone, Legacy sticks to the coat longer and resists sweat and water.

Nulli Fly Family


This economical formulation is a top stable pick for horses with sensitive skin. Nulli-Fly won’t attract dirt or dust, while repelling flying and biting insects long after the product dries.

3465 Eqrollon 01 2


This smooth, non-drip rollerball applicator defends eyes, ears, and wounds from flying and biting insects.

Grooming Products

Aloe Pro No 3 4

Aloe Pro Shampoo

A little bit goes a long way! Mix 1-2 ounces into one gallon of water for effective elimination of oil, dirt, and dust.



Transform dreadlocked manes and tails with Pyranha® Detangler. Moisturizes and conditions as it detangles while repelling dirt and dust.

Essential Shampoo Full Group Reflection

Essential Shampoo

Free from dyes and harsh chemicals, the Pyranha Essential Shampoo is made with five components in mind.



Banish bad odors with Pyranha® Odaway: a concentrated or ready-to-use liquid odor absorber that eliminates a broad spectrum of household, garage, compost or kennel-borne odors.

3493 Gloves1 01

Rub & Scrub Grooming Gloves

Use wet or dry, Pyranha Rub & Scrub Grooming Gloves have the perfect combination of scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms.

001shine 1

Shine Baby Shine

Achieve a show ring shine every time with Shine Baby Shine. Conditions the coat and leaves a soothing fragrance with Jasmine and Sandalwood extracts.

001mitt 1


An all-purpose mitt that can be used for the application of fly sprays and shine products. It can also be used to clean tack, jewelry, cars, and more!





Odaway Qt

Odaway Pet

Banish bad odors with Pyranha® Odaway: a concentrated, liquid odor absorber that eliminates a broad spectrum of household, garage, compost or kennel-borne odors.

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Zero-Bite Flea & Tick Spray

Zero-Bite insect repellent concentrate contains minimum risk pesticides (essential oils) for use in your barn, garden, or residential misting system. | *Zero-Bite is a registered trademark brand of Pyranha, Inc.

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