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Product Information

The 1-10 HP Concentrate System Refill is an insecticide refill for 55-gallon automatic spray systems. Developed over 40 years ago using the highest quality pyrethroids, 1-10 HP is a premium formulation that has set the bar for effective automatic flying insect control in horse barns.

  • Kills and repels Horn Flies, Deer Flies, Horse Flies, Stable Flies, Face Flies, Midges, Mosquitoes and more
  • Quick knockdown and effective control
  • Use in any automatic fly spray system
  • Purchase from your local Authorized SprayMaster Dealer or favorite online retailer
  • Not available in residential misting systems in the State of New York


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For whole barn fly control, rely on the 55 gallon SprayMaster® Barn Misting System Kit. SprayMaster® Barn Systems include a 1/2 horsepower electric motor-driven pump controlled by a solid state electronic timer that is programmed to dispense an insecticide formulation in the form of a very fine mist at specific intervals through special spray nozzles

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