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Product Information

Banish bad odors with Pyranha® Odaway: a concentrated, liquid odor absorber that eliminates a broad spectrum of household, garage, compost or kennel-borne odors. Odaway encapsulates and neutralizes odors instead of just masking them, leaving the premises smelling fresh and clean.

  • Neutralizes odors from pets, livestock, skunk, garbage, urine, smoke, sewage, chemicals, cooking, mustiness, sports equipment, saddle pads, sports gear, law enforcement gear, and other items not easily washed
  • Broad spectrum odor eliminator for use in SprayMaster Systems, homes, vehicles, bathrooms, offices, etc.
  • No need to shake or stir with Pyranha Suspension Technology
  • Available sizes: 3.4 oz trail-size, 15 oz continuous spray can, quart, gallon, and 2.5 gallon concentrate
  • Purchase from your local feed and tack store or favorite online retailer

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